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AB AEROSPACE offers reliable and expedient AOG support – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By accessing an extensive network of commercial airlines, and Military Depots we’re able to get AOG aircraft parts anywhere in the world with Next Flight Out (NFO) service. Our expert AOG support includes:




 Fast support in case of an AOG requires quality staff and safety, speed and adherence to delivery dates are the key to successful aviation logistics. AB AEROSPACE has established an AOG Help Desk for this very purpose. 

A team of specialists work around the clock in the planning and coordination of material and parts. Around 1000 emergency procurements take place each year. As much as half of these are AOG procurements, this amounts to over one AOG case per day!
1. The AOG Desk is staffed purely by longstanding professionals and logistical experts. The help desk is not just the place for taking the client's orders; quite the contrary. This is where all the problems are solved by a team of experts in the fastest possible time.
2. All activities are accurately monitored and reported. Customers can readily access the status quo of their spare part orders.
3. Ultra-modern technology including the most hi-tech telephone system guarantees that 95 percent of all calls are answered in less than 15 seconds. Furthermore, with the help of an activity monitoring system, AB AEROSPACE insures that every worker is equally competent in the processing of any client's AOG requirement.
4. This is why AB AEROSPACE prides itself on the quick turnaround, same day shipping of all AOG requirements. 24/7 365 days a year Call 347-587-7795 or email AOGSPARES@AB-AEROSPACE.COM for quick response
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